SASH FDO are formulated for use in Cat equipment final drives, axles, bevel gears and differentials in which gear and bearing loads and temperatures are high. It provides superior contact fatigue life to gears and bearings.

SASH FDO are designed specifically for protection of highly loaded components.
It does not develop enough friction to satisfy the requirements of most brakes and clutches. It should not be used in clutch and brake compartments unless those compartments are specifically designated for SASH FDO use.

· Extreme protection.
· Excellent oxidation performance.
· Prevents the blockage of the lubricant ducts and prolongs the useful life of the machine.
· Ensures that no fluids are lost due to the formation of foam.
· Sustained film thickness.
· Maintains the viscosity grade during the useful life of the equipment.
· Designed for high load and high temperature applications.
· Maximum protection against foam.