Quality and Environmental Policy

Total quality is one of the main goals of the Design, manufacturing, distribution, and sale of automotive and industrial lubricating oils by ACEITES LUBRICANTES SASH S.L.

Aware of this mandate, the management assumes an active and committed role in the establishment and improvement of our Integrated Quality Management and Environmental Management System. This management system is designed to efficiently handle all necessary processes that identify the needs and expectations of our clients, aligning them with the dynamic and rigorous demands of today’s market.

Our management personally involves itself in the study, implementation of suggestions, and improvements proposed by our clients. This participatory and dedicated approach ensures an agile and competent response to their needs, which are the result of the diligence and dedication of our team, compliance with current legislation, and the ongoing training of the organization’s workers.

Moreover, we are fully aware of the environmental impact of the industry and responsibly assume our contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation. This ecological sensitivity is integrated into our management, encouraging sustainable practices and continuous improvement of the quality and environmental management system in all our productive and administrative processes.

The constant demands of the market and our environmental commitment are challenges that can only be addressed with a perspective of continuous improvement. We are committed to innovation, efficiency, and pollution prevention, not only to satisfy our customers but also to positively contribute to the well-being of the planet.

To meet these commitments, we establish appropriate programs that not only allow achieving these quality and sustainability goals but also promote excellence and integrity in every aspect of our business.