It is used for the general machining of steels and cast iron.


· It forms an opalescent micro-emulsion that provides good cooling in the cutting area, extending the life of the tools.
· Its good anticorrosive power protects the moving parts of machine tools. High stability with water up to 100ºHF of hardness and 700 ppm of chlorides.
· Good anticorrosive power from concentrations of 3%, being nitrite-free, giving excellent protection to machines and machined parts.
· ECOWORK SMT emulsions, due to their stable character, their low concentration of use, their long life, conservation of tools and savings in bactericides and maintenance, a great economy is obtained compared to emulsions of conventional products.


· To prepare emulsions, it is necessary to use water with a hardness between 20ºHF and 100ºHF and that the chloride content does not exceed 700 ppm.
· To get a good emulsion, it is advisable to pour the product over the water and then shake. DO NOT pour water on the ECOWORK SMT.
· The dose of use is from 3 to 8%, depending on the type of operation and material used, so it will be recommended in each case by our Technical Service, the following being indicative:
– Soft water (20ºHF), low chloride content (100 ppm) 3% – 5%
– Hard water (up to 75ºHF), high chloride content (up to 700 ppm) 5% – 8%
– Hard water (75 to 100ºHF), high chloride content (up to 700 ppm) 8% – 12%


· When it is put into service for the first time in a machine tool that has used another product, it is advisable to clean and disinfect it. This is essential when the emulsion has had fermentation problems.
· For cleaning, we recommend using a specific product such as our CLEANING ADDITIVE, following the instructions for use of the technical information and the advice of our Technical Department.


Avoid automatic emulsion dosing installations with copper pipes, always use PVC.