TEMPLEX KTL series are High quality oils that are used for heat treatment of ferrous metals in a wide variety of quenching operations. They provide deep and uniform hardening with minimum distortion and cracking for a smooth surface finish. Our oils are highly stable throughout the hardening temperature range to provide long service life with minimal sludge formation. They have a high viscosity index for minimum viscosity change during the entire quenching operation, and have high flash and fire points to minimize fire hazards.
TEMPLEX KTL series are paraffinic mineral oils with high quality selection of additives to provide enhanced oxidation resistance and metal-wetting ability. They are for use in fast quench operations where it is important to develop maximum hardness while minimizing distortion.

Applications Conventional and fast quenching of ferrous metals, such as carbon steel, gray iron and high-alloy steel Bath temperature of use (°C): 30ºC – 90ºC.


· Controlled cooling rate to minimize cracking and distortion.
· Good surface finish.
· Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability.
· High flash point for fire safety.

TEMPLEX KTL 320 is normal-speed quench oil that provides the highest hardening power.