Dry machining consists of replacing traditional metalworking fluids and oil systems with a machining environment with a precisely controlled flow of compressed air which drives minimal amounts of lubricating oil in an “aerosol” format to the surface of the machine. court. This ensures lubrication at the point of cut and enables high-performance machining.

TALLFLU INOXAL, MQL S320 is a product formulated in Ester type synthetic base oil and synthesis base oils of the highest quality. This product has been specially designed for those processes in which high lubrication is required with a minimum quantity of lubricant.


· Synthetic lubricant.
· It is applied in special systems with very low consumption: spraying, spraying, where a very small dose of lubricant is required.
· Especially suitable for aluminum sawing.
· Great lubricating capacity and consequently minimal tool wear.
· Excellent finish of machined parts.
· It avoids the formation of chip clumps, leaving it practically dry.