Special dielectric fluid for metal work in EDM processes, which can be used in all existing machines. It is a very fluid petroleum product, with very short distillation intervals and a high flash point, which makes it a leading product in the field of EDM. In addition to being an odorless product, it minimizes evaporation losses.

It is generally used, both in roughing operations, as well as for finishing, including finishing parts with a difficult profile and particularly precise. It has the special characteristic of keeping the fluid clean, increasing the working properties and favors extreme filtration.

It must be used pure, without diluting it with any product, as it may lose its main characteristics.


· Low viscosity that allows a quick evacuation of machining residues.
· Excellent wetting, it confers a good penetration of the fluid between the piece and the electrode.
· Very good resistance to oxidation and temperature.
· Low volatility, ensuring good channeling of the electrical discharge and minimizing the presence of fumes and vapors.
· High flash point.
· Chemically neutral, it does not affect the electrodes or the parts and organs of the machines.
· Ease of cartridge filtration and decantation.
· It does not irritate the skin of the operators who handle it.