STOU ST 10W-40

Multifunctional semi-synthetic lubricant with advanced technology and high quality for all types of Agricultural machinery and equipment public works. Universal product that covers all lubrication requirements: Engine – Transmission – Hydraulic in modern agricultural tractors and construction machinery. It is recommended for engines Gasoline and Diesel with or without turbocharger, gearbox manual transmissions, torque converters, brake oil-immersed systems, hydraulic and differential sliding mechanisms limited agricultural tractors and public works machinery, which requiring a multifunctional lubricant STOU type, SAE 10W-40 of High quality.

Reduces fuel consumption during cooling operation and at high loads, up to 3%, compared with motor oils conventional SAE 15W-40, and 1.5% when used in gears, compared with lubricants conventional SAE 80W.

API CF-4, CG-4 / SF
John Deere J27
Massey Ferguson CMS 1145, 1144, 1139
Allison C4
Ford M2C159B
ZF TE ML 06A, 06B, 06C, 06D, 07B
Caterpillar TO-2
MAN 271
MIL-L-2104D MB 227.1/ MB 228.1