Lubricants of very good quality for horizontal and vertical guides and slides of machine tools with a very peculiar adhesion where precision is required and avoid the stick-slip phenomenon. It can also be used as hydraulic oil or as an oil for circuits that require it from useful machines (SORNA TS 32/68).

They contain additives that improve lubricating properties to ensure long-lasting adhesion and excellent adhesion.

· Good extreme pressure properties.
· Good demulsification.
· Low freezing point.
· Excellent lubricity.
· Good lubrication of the guides of the Machines – tools.
· Good resistance to loads.
· It ensures the regularity of directional movements.
· It avoids jumps in rapid advances.

DIN 51502 CGLP
ISO 11158 HM  (32&68)
ISO - L - HG (32&68)
CNOMO HG (32& 68)
Cincinnati-Mil. P53(32) P47(68) P50(220)