Naphthenic ashless oils for cooling compressors. These lubricants are specially formulated for the lubrication of compressors using ammonia R717, also when using hydrocarbon refrigerants such as R600a. They can be used with R12 and R22 halogenated hydrocarbons. In addition to its lubrication particularly in refrigeration applications, lubricants may be used as working at low temperatures.

Recommended for all types of applications: refrigeration, air conditioning, domestic applications, industrial and commercial applications in low, moderate and high evaporating temperatures. These specific oils have been selected within the range of naphthenic oils to provide special characteristics and necessary, as a very good thermal and oxidative stability when in contact with ammonia, allowing you to work long periods of time in extreme temperatures.


· Good cleaning and lubricating characteristics.
· Good thermal chemical stability.
· Good low temperature fluidity.
· Good resistance to oxidation.

ISO 6743-3B-DRA,
DIN 51503 KAA , KC, KE