Paraffinic mineral fluid that has good emulsifying properties and behaves very well against oxidation and corrosion attacks. Due to its formulation, it is a very competitive product, valuing price/quality, as it acts phenomenally well in concrete stripping (construction), etc.

It has the following qualities:

· The removal of the pieces is simple, easy and clean.
· It is an economical product due to its great performance.
· The release agent film temporarily protects the metal parts of the mold, preventing their corrosion.
· In addition to being a quality product, it does not contain solvents or products that harm health.
· Minimize cleaning the formwork before using it again.
· Concrete stripping for construction.
· The emulsified release agent can be applied by Spray, Brush, Sponge, Dip, etc. On the clean surface.

It will always be used emulsified in water and diesel. To make the emulsion, always add the necessary amount of the product to the water or diesel and shake the mixture.
The mixing proportions are a function of the difficulty of the formwork and the condition of the sheets of the molds. But in general, 1 part of the product per 3 of water is recommended.
Emulsions with water have limited stability, so it is recommended that they be used as quickly as possible after they are made, in cases where by necessity the time elapsed from the making of the emulsion to its use is greater than 120 minutes. It is convenient to shake the emulsion again before using it, to achieve a perfect performance.