Synthetic multigrade marine lubricant that exceeds traditional S.H.P.D. feature levels. Specially formulated to comply with the demanding needs of modern, turbo and revolution, four-stroke diesel engines in water, under the most severe working conditions, in fishing vessels, leisure boats, auxiliary port vessels and merchant ships. In all turbo and high revolution diesel engines used for propulsion, like auxiliary and emergency groups to generate electricity and in those engines that require a high quality lubricant. Valid for engines that must comply with “EURO 3” and “EURO 4” standards, on low emission levels, and that use light fuel with up to 1% sulphur content.

Features / Benefits:
· Excellent soot dispersancy and extend an engine/oil life.
· Outstanding shear stability wear protection.
· Exceptional TBN retention protects against exhaust gas corrosion and extends oil life.
· Enhanced thermal and oxidative stability
· Low ash content reduces particulate build-up in Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and enhances its life.