LUBCOLD G12+ 50%

LUBCOLD G12+ 50% antifreeze is a new generation 100% organic fluid that in its composition exclusively includes organic additives of excellent quality, these provide the cooling circuit with magnificent protection according to standards down to -36ºC.

With this new formulation, a highly durable fluid is achieved, which preserves its anticorrosive properties to the maximum, prevents the formation of deposits and increases the heat transfer capacity in the cooling circuit.
It is basically a 50% concentrated antifreeze with a monoethylene glycol base and a package of anticorrosive, antifoam, antioxidant, antirust, algaecide and bactericide additives; and free of amines, phosphate, nitrites and silicates. Thanks to all its components, it avoids the possible breakdowns typical of other less quality products.

Fluorescent VIOLET.

ASTM D3306
ASTM D4656
BS 6580 : NFR 15-601 : UNE 26-361-88/1
SAE Standards SAE J1034
MB 325.3
MAN 324
VW TL 774 D (G12)
VW TL 774 F (G12+)