It is a product based on surfactants and additives for cleaning circuits, possessing great emulsion power so that in this way the impurities caused by the deterioration of the thermal fluid are homogeneously absorbed and carried away by the cleaner. It is used in hydraulic, lubrication, thermal circuits, etc.

It is used in doses of 5.4% in the oil, at a maximum temperature of 65ºC during 48 hours of service before emptying, once the 48 hours have elapsed, immediately empty the treated oil, letting it drain for 20 minutes, once well drained close the circuit for filling with new oil and replacing the filters with new ones.

This phenomenal additive can be used preventively in hydraulic or thermal circuits to keep the circuit in a good state of cleanliness for a longer time, with a dosage of 0.81% in the oil in the circuit.