GRASASH SUPREME T500 is a white grease, homogeneous and buttery appearance, based on food grade fluorinated polyether. It is particularly resistant to oxygen, to chemical agents and to high temperature. GRASASH SUPREME T500 can be used in contact with water, hot water, steam, oils, fuels, acids, alkalis, solvents (not fluorinated), chlorinated solvents, etc.

The continuous operating temperature is maximum 260ºC, but it can reach up to 280ºC peak temperatures in short period. It is a lubricating grease with a very good performance and a long life. It is intended for bearings lubricating subjected to very severe working conditions, which allows drastically reduce failures and lubricating frequencies.


· It allows reaching the maximum bearings life.
· Reduces times and costs maintenance.
· Complete compatibility with plastics, Polymers, Polyketal Resins, Polyamides, Polyethylenes, Polycarbonates, Polyurethanes, Polytetrafluoritenes, and elastomers in general.
· Not flammable.
· Food grade.
· Excellent lubricating capacity and anti-corrosion properties.
· Resists acids and harsh chemical environments.
· Does not contain sodium nitrite.


· Corrugated carton bearings.
· Electric motor bearings, fans and turbines.
· Roller bearings in furnace wagon wheels.
· Thermally stabilized ball bearings in clip chains.
· Creeper chain bearings in drying plants.
· Re-enter bearings in creeper chains.
· Tenter chains with bearings.
· Vacuum unit.
· Handling and pumping of alkaline products and acids.
· Handling and pumping of petrol, fuel oils, and oils.
· Handling and pumping solvents.

Generally, where a long life lubricant is needed with high temperatures and stringent environmental conditions.