GRASASH SUPREME T400 is a white, homogeneous, butter-like perfluorinated polyether grease. Particularly resistant to oxygen, chemical agents and high temperatures.
Continuous operating temperature: 260ºC. Can stand 300ºC peak temperature in short period.


As stated herein GRASASH SUPREME T400 is insoluble in most of the solvents, this is why such solvents are not suitable for the cleaning of mechanisms and tools used in contact with the product.


· Electric motors bearings.
· All kind of application in Food industry.
· Roller bearings in furnace wagon wheels.
· Thermally stabilized ball bearings in clip chains.
· Creeper chain bearings in drying plants.
· Re-enter bearings in creeper chains.
· Tenter chains with bearings.
· Vacuum unit.
· Handling and pumping of alkaline products and acids.
· Handling and pumping of petrol, fuel oils, oils.
· Handling and pumping of solvents.

Generally wherever a long life lubricant is needed with limit temperatures and stringent environmental conditions.


In tests run on animals GRASASH SUPREME T400 shows very low ingest and skin toxicity, so it is not dangerous for the operators. Should be given the circumstance of being heated over 300ºC, the inhalation shall be avoided as the gas residues from its thermal degradation are toxic and irritative. This is why smoking must be avoided when handling the product. There is available the MSDS of the product according to the effective European normative.


GRASASH SUPREME T400 must be applied onto perfectly clean parts, free of any type of contamination or protection such as oil, grease, anti-rust protectors, dust, etc.