GRASASH SUPREME T100 is a special grease, based on an inorganic thickener, synthetic oil and molybdenum disulfide, as well as a complete additives, which gives them excellent
antioxidant, anticorrosive and antiwear properties.


· Resistant to high temperatures (up to 220ºC).
· Resistant to high loads.
· Wide range of PV working speed: 500,000.
· Long life and thermal resistance.


GRASASH SUPREME T100 is a grease specially formulated for the lubrication of all those mechanisms that must work at very high temperatures continuously (up to 200ºC), since they do not melt or fluidize with temperature. On the other hand, the synthetic nature of its base oil, together with the excellent quality of the additive package, makes GRASASH SUPREME T100 last and effective much longer than other conventional greases.

Its most common applications are:

· Kiln car bearings.
· Mechanisms subjected to high temperatures.
· Bearings for electric motors, extractors and fans.
· Steel machinery bearings in general, subjected to heavy loads.
· Recommended for the lubrication of gearboxes and motors subjected to high loads and in centralized lubrication systems of great length.