GRASASH POLY T200 is a state-of-the-art high efficient grease which is formulated with long life organic thickeners, highly refined mineral oil and a package of additives to provide superior anti-wear, EP properties and high antioxidant and anticorrosive capacity. Thus it is
an excellent lubricant for bearings and mechanisms subjected to the combined action of high temperatures, heavy loads and water action.

GRASASH POLY T200 is especially intended for the lubrication of mechanisms operating in severe conditions, more specifically in steel continuous casting bearings, under the constant action of:

· High temperature.
· Big quantity of cooling water.
· High contamination with metallic oxides, hard particles, metal foils, etc.


· Superior behaviour and stability to high temperature.
· High mechanical work stability.
· Low consistency variation with temperature increase.
· Very good resistance to water and water washout.
· Long duration.
· No leaks or drips.
· Extended periods between applications.
· Lower consumption.
· Economic.
· Excellent sealing capacity to avoid contamination of the bearing with foreign particles and dust.
· Very good flow characteristics in a wide temperature range.
· Outstanding quality-price relationship.

GRASASH POLY T200 grease does not include any metallic soap so the resistance to oxidation and aging is higher when compared to the conventional greases formulated with
complex or simple soap which are used in such kind of operations.


· Bearings subjected to high temperatures and loads.
· Bearings and mechanisms with great presence of water.
· Bearings and mechanisms that require a longlife lubricant.