Semi-fluid grease with Molybdenum disulphide intended for an efficient lubrication of all types of steel wires (textile or metal centre strand).


· Inner and outer anti-wear protection of the wire rope.
· Water repellent, salt resistant (sea ambience) and chemical products resistant (chemical ambience).
· Resistant to high temperatures (up to 150ºC), dry lubrication up to 450ºC.
· Efficient penetration inside the wire (reaches the textile/metal centre strand). Internal protection.
· Strong adhesion. Total coating. Outer protection.
· Thanks to the Molybdenum Disulphide, a maximum wire strand wear reduction is obtained, as well as an improved lifetime of the wire rope.
· Long life. No droppage. Long intervals between applications. Less consumption = savings.
· Thin film, reducing the adhesivity of the abrasive material, making easier the inspection and control of the wire condition.


Applied direct to the clean wire, with brush. Whenever proceeding to the first application it is convenient to make sure that the wire is as clean as possible to avoid that small residues or any other product make difficult a good adhesion and penetration. The best results are
obtained when applied to a new wire rope.


Whenever applied correctly, 40 m of 25mm wire can be coated per kilo of grease (first application, on new wire). Up to 55 m/kilo for further applications.