Is a last generation lubricating anti-corrosive grease.
It is formulated with a high drop point thickener with water resistance (tap water, salt water and steam water) properties. It also contains solid lubricants (MoS2). Which enhance E.P. and AW properties.

GRASASH MAXIMA MOLIX has an excellent lubricating capacity to avoid metal surface wear. It offers an outstanding sealant capacity. It avoids fluids or pollution penetration, which might shorten the mechanism useful life.


· High drop point >270ºC.
· High anti-corrosive capacity in saline environment.
· High cold and hot water resistance.
· High fluidity and adhesive property.
· High mechanical work stability.
· High lubricating properties.
· Excellent loads resistance.


· Rolling mill bearings.
· Protection in sea environment.
· Horn and various mechanisms on vessels and boats.
· Mechanisms in general exposed to high temperatures variations from -25 to 160ºC.
· Submerged bearings in tap water or sea water.
· Chains and drives in corrosive saline ambiences.
· Steel and Aluminum metallic cables.