This is a lubricating grease specially designed for the lubrication of hydraulic and pneumatic hammers. Its studied formulation allows it to cope with the severe working conditions to which a hammer is subjected in penetration and impact operations of generally hard materials, such as stone, concrete, etc.

It is provided with a studied Extreme Pressure additive, as well as a balanced combination of solid lubricants, which makes it especially suitable, providing an excellent level of lubrication, significantly increasing the life of the hammer, allowing smoother operation, minimizing noise and vibrations, notably and significantly reducing the wear of all its components, reducing breakdowns, allowing them to achieve maximum performance.


It can be applied manually or with automatic greasing systems, making it a totally versatile grease for all types of hammers.


· Lubricant with excellent resistance to loads and shock stresses.
· Adherent grease with high affinity to metal.
· Very resistant to extreme working temperatures.
· Reduces noise and vibrations.
· Increases the life of the hammer, pointers, etc.
· Allows reduction of greasing frequencies.
· Excellent sealing capacity against the entry of contaminants.