Given the high load specific and low speedy, the surface of the open gears cannot be lubricated of form conventional with products based on the normal concepts of hydrodynamic lubrication.

GRASASH GRAFOX procure a fine lubricant compound film, adherent and stable, that it covers small cracks and irregularities in the surface of the gears, polishing at the same time the tips or waves in this surface, without deterioration of the indented surface of the gear.
The correct lubrication by pulverization assures continuity a fine lubricant film on the surface of the gear and guarantees a minimum wearing down.

GRASASH GRAFOX it is a compound of adhesive lubricants, free of tar and solvents, designated to prepare the surfaces of the gears and to maintain them in excellent conditions of lubrication by means of continuous or intermittent lubrication.

GRASASH GRAFOX it is a lubricant with high special graphite content, adherent with mineral and thickened oil with complex soap of aluminium. Its application is manually made by means of brush or spatula, obtaining an optimal covering of flanks of the teeth. It is important that the surfaces where is going away to apply the product are clean, since to obtain a greater adhesion.


GRASASH GRAFOX it forms a complex system for opened gears lubrication used in Furnaces and rotating Mills existing in the Cement, Mining, Chemical and Metalworking industries.