Is a high performance lubricating grease capable of working in a wide range of temperatures (from -40 to 180ºC) in very stringent operating conditions. Specially formulated with a synthetic base oil provided with high chemical and thermal resistance and a high lubricating capacity, special lithium complex soap thickened, with a high drop point and outstanding stability to mechanic work.

GRASASH COMPLEX S180 additives package is provided with excellent anti-wear, lubricating and E.P. properties together with high anticorrosive and antioxidant capacity. Then it is capable of operating when exposed to water and vapour in extreme working conditions.


· High compatibility with plastics and elastomers.
· Resistance to shearing.
· Reduction of the regreasing frequency.
· Less break-downs.
· Possibility of unifying the products.
· Outstanding quality-efficiency-price relation.
· Prevent fretting corrosion.


· High temperature (180ºC) operated bearings 200ºC peak temperature. Bearings under load, water and vapour exposure.
· Very suitable for dryer bearings in the paper industry.
· Bearings and mechanisms in the steel, cements industry, etc.