GRASASH COMPLEX S150 grease is a lubricant specially formulated for those lubrication points with high speeds, low temperatures, variable loads, where minimum friction is required during starts and running-in.

GRASASH COMPLEX S150 grease is a dynamically light grease, which has excellent oxidation and corrosion stability. It does not alter its consistency in storage, it can withstand temperatures from –55 to 150ºC without hardening or forming residues. It has good resistance to mechanical work without significant losses in consistency.

The allowed revolution limit is calculated by means of the speed factor (n.Dm) to which correction factors must be applied according to the type of bearing, they are the following:

· 100% ball bearings.
· Cylindrical roller bearings 70%.
· Tapered roller bearings 60%.
· Needle roller bearings 40%.

These values are valid exclusively for bearings with an internal diameter not greater than 60mm.
The speed factor of GRASASH COMPLEX S150 is 10.


· Spindles in machine tools.
· Spindles of vertical milling cutters (tupis) for working with wood.
· Small gears.
· Cams.
· Joints.
· Engines.
· Turbines.
· Long-lasting lubricant in bearings, textile machinery, precision mechanics.