GRASASH COMPLEX ELECTRON is a especially grease formulated for the lubrication and protection of electrical contacts.


· Improvement of the metallic contact surfaces and superior distribution and circulation of the electric power on the working surfaces.
· Wear and breakage reduction.
· Longer life of the mechanisms. Secure a quick response after long stoppage periods.
· Neither rust nor non-conductive salts are built thus the good operating of the electric drives is secured.


GRASASH COMPLEX ELECTRON is formulated with high chemical and temperature stable synthetic oils which allow obtaining a thin, stable and adherent lubricating film onto the contact surfaces in switches and electric mechanisms. It secures the proper electric power circulation and improves the useful life of the metallic contact surfaces.

When using GRASASH COMPLEX ELECTRON an excellent anticorrosive protection is obtained that prevents salts or surface oxides from interrupting the electric power circulation and avoids the wear that the corroded metal contact surfaces might provoke.