Grease specially developed for the lubrication of all those mechanisms that require a food grade lubricant, and that may have a direct incidental contact with food products.

Formulated on the basis of a complex soap, polybutene, additives and authorized white solid lubricants, it also has excellent lubricating qualities and high resistance to water, making it very suitable for lubrication of mechanisms or bearings, which are subjected to the action of water and loads.

The grease is able to withstand very high lubrication requirements, and all its constituent raw materials are authorized by the Spanish Health Legislation and by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). It is also approved by the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) (Type H1). It can be used in mechanisms such as bearings working at a temperature of -20 to 150ºC, with speed factors of approx. 5×105, in the presence of water and under the action of loads.

Its high resistance to water makes it very suitable for the lubrication of chains that may suffer the joint or intermittent action of water, as may occur in chains in food transport chains (slaughterhouses, packaging industry, etc.). It can also be used in valves or taps for water conduction, assuring a correct lubrication of its most critical parts.


· Food grade grease.
· High resistance to water and loads.
· High adherence.
· Presence of white solid lubricants.


· Bearings and mechanisms in general in the food industry.
· Guides, chains, etc.
· Lubrication of valves and water taps.
· Bearings subjected to medium and high loads at temperatures from -20 to 150ºC, with FV 5×105.