Will be applied whenever a lubricant provided with high biodegradability, high anticorrosive capacity and water resistance is needed. GRASASH BIO E200 is formulated with a very low environmental effect additive package, then an excellent balance between the environmental requirements and the lubricating properties is obtained.

GRASASH BIO E200 shows outstanding lubricating capacity, together with the necessary anti-wear and EP properties, then the product can be used wherever the tribologic variable data demands a high performance lubricant in operating temperatures conditions within -25 and 120ºC. Is provided with high resistance to hydrocarbons and superior anticorrosive capacity.

Will be applied whenever the lubricant is an important contaminating factor, when uncontrolled lubricant loss may pass to the soil or to the water.

Thanks to its biodegradable properties it shows better performances and higher efficiency in further waste water treatments either physical-chemical or biological. The eventual contamination of soils, cultures, forests, water, will have lower effect, due to the high biodegradation velocity, specially when compared with the conventional greases.


· Anticorrosive capacity.
· Superior water resistance.
· High adherence.
· Biodegradability.


· Forest machinery.
· Public Works machinery.
· Agricultural machinery.
· Pick-up machinery.
· Water cooled bearings.
· Water installation valves
· Hydrocarbons pipes valves.
· Nautical mechanisms.
· Various mechanisms of the water treatment plants.
· Water pumping installations.
· Air conveyor chains.
· General greasing that may provoke lubricant fugues to soil and water.
· Mechanisms in heavy transport vehicles, lubrication of car bodies.