It is a grease specially designed to be exposed to those problems lubrication of mechanisms that must work from -60 to 150ºC, without losing their lubricating properties, that is, it maintains an ideal lubrica ting film that prevents contact direct metal-to-metal between the surfaces to be lubricated, despite the strong variation in working conditions.

It is formulated based on lithium soap, synthetic oil and a suitable additive that considerably improves the lubricating properties, enabling correct operation in exposed working conditions, especially at low temperatures.

GRASASH AUTO 778A can work in a wide range of speeds, although its use is more suitable at medium and high speeds (FV = 8×105).


· Wide range of working temperature (-60 to 150ºC).
· Excellent lubricating properties.
· Long-life lubrication.
· Ability to work at high speeds.