100%syntheticlubricantthatoffersthehighestleveloffueleconomy.Thankstoacarefulselectionofbase oils and additives, it has been designed to provide exceptional protection to engines against wear and deposit formation. Its extraordinarily low viscosity allows it to be used for a full year, even in winter when temperatures are very low.
This product has been specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of hybrid cars, in which fuel economy and CO2 emission reduction is important. It provides the performance necessary to meet the requirements of the most recent North American and Asian gasoline vehicles (for example, Honda, Toyota and Mitsubishi).
• Total engine protection.
• High engine cleaning performance.
• Fuel savings
• Reduction of CO2 emissions.
• Cold start: excellent fluidity at low temperatures.

API SN-RC Approval 51144 Approval 51144 ILSAC GF-5 Dexos1TM:2015
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