FLAGSHIP C2 950 0W-30

High quality 100% synthetic lubricant specially designed with synthetic base oil and last generation additives specific for these types of high performance lubricants and low sulphated ash content. This lubricant meets the requirements to lubricate vehicles that incorporate emission regulation of gas EURO 4 and EURO V where lubricants are recommended “fuel economy”, in gasoline and diesel engines that they require the use of oils that comply with the ACEA C2 standard, in reducing the content of Sulfur, Ash Sulphated and Phosphorous (Mid SAPS, Medium SAPS), recommended for Ford, Toyota, Honda and Subaru. Motors that comply with the EURO 4 and EURO V regulations are equipped with particle filter systems Diesel (DPF) achieving a reduction of gas emissions, and in this way contributing to the conservation of enviroment.

It has an excellent cold behavior due to its designed low viscosity and its totally synthetic nature, which facilitates the pumpability of the lubricant, a great help in cold start and the formation of film for significantly reduce wear. It has excellent lubrication properties to withstand the load additional, in the pump injector system.

API: SN Plus / SP
Ford WSS-M2C-950A
MB 229.61
JLR 03.5007
Fiat 9.55535-GS1/DS1