FLAGSHIP 971 0W-20

This is a full synthetic engine oil that has been developed for the newest Mercedes Benz vehicles; Jaguar vehicles and Land Rovers. Its low viscosity ensures optimal fuel efficiency properties. This product works particularly well in the latest Mercedes Benz E Class engines; including the 2017 E 220d 4MATIC All Terrain 213.217 and the 2017 d 4MATIC Coupe 238.315. This product is also very suitable for the use in a variety of Land Rovers and Jaguar XE; XK and F. This product has outstanding fluidity with cold start proper- ties; can be used perfectly in city traffic and long distance driving; and ensures high levels of fuel saving.

ACEA C5 API SN PLUS / SP MB Approval 229.71 BMW: LONGLIFE-17FE+ OPEL OV 040 1547 JAGUAR ST JLR. 51.5122 LAND ROVER ST JLR.51.5122 FIAT 9.55535-GSX CHRYSLER: MS 12145