High quality thixotropic waxy type antioxidant protector, specially formulated to protect all types of metallic materials in the long term. Being thixotropic when the product cannot be poured, with a gentle mechanical stirring it will decrease its viscosity, becoming fluid.

This product deposits a thin waxy film on the parts or machinery to be protected, very durable and easy to remove.

· It does not contain dangerous solvents, (It is not toxic, it does not irritate).
· Contains no barium, chromium, bismuth, lead, mercury, or arsenic.
· Excellent resistance to oxidation and malignant agents.
· Long service life.
· Easily degreasable with conventional methods.
· It can be applied by: Brush, Spray or immersion.
· Excellent waterproofing characteristics.
· Indoor protection: 18 months.
· Transport or outdoor protection: 6 months.
· Complies with ISO 6743/8 – REE category.