Extreme pressure synthetic fluid, 100% soluble and extremely stable, possessing excellent detergents and lubricity qualities. In addition, it has technologically advanced additives that allow working in almost all metal machining operations, such as cooling fluid and lubricant of worked pieces.

· It is a fluid free of not recommended by C.E.E. products such as Nitrites, Biphenyls, Phosphates, etc.
· Good performance with hard water.
· Cool and lubricate moving parts of the pieces at the same time, without dulling or dilating them.
· Good anticorrosion qualities.
· Make a completely stable emulsion.
· It is completely transparent, so it allows to follow the evolution of the entire machining process.

Machining operations:
Workshops for mechanization and rectification of carbon steel parts, steel alloys, cast iron, etc.


· It should be added gradually over the water, never the other way, maintaining gentle agitation until getting a uniform emulsion.
· Rectification, drilling and turning the concentration of employment is 5% in water.
· Profiling, Sawing, Milling and Grounding the concentration of use is 10% in water.