· Water-based emulsion for general machining and grinding of steel.
· Suitable for aluminum machining.


· Milky white emulsion that provides good cooling to the cutting zone.
· ECOWORK BL GLOBAL EP forms a highly stable microemulsion with water, from 5 to 40ºHF.
· It has good anti-corrosive properties starting from concentrations of 5%, providing excellent protection for machines and machined parts. The ECOWORK BL GLOBAL EP emulsions, due to their low concentration, longevity, tool preservation, and savings in bactericides and maintenance, offer significant cost savings compared to emulsions of conventional products.


· To prepare ECOWORK BL GLOBAL EP emulsions, it is necessary to use water with a hardness
between 5 and 40ºHF, and the chloride content should not exceed 300 mg/l. To achieve a good emul
sion, it is advisable to pour the ECOWORK BL GLOBAL EP into the water and then stir.
· DO NOT pour water onto the ECOWORK BL GLOBAL EP. The recommended dosage is 5 to 8%,
depending on the type of operation and material used.


· When using ECOWORK BL GLOBAL EP emulsion for the first time in a machine tool that has previous
ly used another product, it is advisable to clean and disinfect the machine.
· This is essential if the emulsion has had fermentation problems.
· For cleaning, we recommend using a specific product such as our CLEANER ADDITIVE, following the
instructions provided in the technical information and the advice of our Technical Department. The
Safety Data Sheet for the product is available upon request.