Complex mixture of hydrocarbons and state-of-the-art additives in the sector, for the specific formulation of high-quality release agents used in concrete stripping, it has excellent antioxidant, anticorrosive and non-stick properties to achieve excellent stain-free finishes.

Due to its formulation, it is a very competitive product, valuing price/quality, as it acts phenomenally well in generalized concrete stripping (construction, blocks, precast, etc.).


· The unmolding of the pieces is very simple, easy and clean.
· It is a product of great performance and perfect finishes.
· The thin release agent film always protects the metal parts of the mold avoiding their corrosion, and totally inhibits the formation of pores on the concrete surface, this makes it possible to incorporate a specific hydrophobic protective antioxidant additive for this sector, thinking about the metal tracks of the joist factories and in various metal molds for the concrete formwork.
· Minimize cleaning of the formwork before using it again.
· Minimizes the entry of air between the mold and the concrete, thus reducing the defects caused by this.
· Stripping of exposed concrete.
· Precast and prestressed plants.
· Manufacturing of joists with demanding finishes, blocks, tubes, etc.
· All kinds of concreting of structures, where regular, safe and perfect finishes without stains are necessary.
· Direct use pure release agent, can be applied by Spray, Brush, Sponge, Immersion, etc. on the clean surface.