DOT-4 is a 100% synthetic brake fluid of the latest generation DOT 4 type, suitable additive with top quality products for the new A.B.S brake systems and systems with E.S.P. technology.

Guarantees perfect operation in all conditions of use, for long-term use.

– Excellent lubricating and anti-wear properties.
– Great resistance to oxidation and aging. Good internal protection against corrosion.
– Usable in all conditions of use and stationary. Increases the fluid change period.
– Reduces maintenance cost. Suitable for braking systems with (A.B.S) or with (E.S.P).
– The use of this fluid requires verification of the manufacturer’s specifications, and that it be used following the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer.
– Due to its 100% synthetic formula, it is considered a long-lasting fluid, minimizing environmental impact.

– Biodegradable.