Very high quality, mineral lubricant-coolant with specific extreme pressure additives, designed to work especially with steels, cast iron and stainless steel, but also valid for all types of metals.

Recommended: For medium and semi-deep operations of cold drawing, stamping, extrusion and cold metal deformation, in high tonnage vertical presses with a single pass or progressive ones with several blows.

Manufacturing among other products: Multifunctional oil for cold stamping and greasing, in multiple machines for stamping nuts, studs and screws, stretching and calibrating bars and tubes, medium reductions, punching, flattening of sheet metal, etc.

It has a very good anti-fog capacity, thus maintaining a healthier atmosphere in the workshops. It is a completely chlorine-free and pigment-free product, which allows you to guarantee the subsequent washing of finished parts without any prohibited environmental damage.