It is a premium crankcase lubricant for slow-speed crosshead diesel engines. It is manufactured from highly refined base oils and has very good anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties. The oil has a moderate level of alkalinity to neutralize acidic combustion products that can enter the crankcase. Special additives give the oil detergent properties which ensure clean crankcases. It has adequate alkalinity to neutralise strong and weak acids which may enter into the crankcase resulting from the combustion processes and fuel sulphur. It is recommended for the crankcase lubrication of large, slow speed marine diesel engines. Due to ingress of high viscosity cylinder drip oil into the SAE 30 system oil, the viscosity often shows an increase.

Features / Benefits:
· Wear Protection.
· Detergency.
· Corrosion Protection.
· Rust protection.
· Resistance to foaming.
· Easy purification.