These oils are formulated with paraffinic base oils to which specific additives are incorporated, providing them with extreme pressure and anti-wear properties. In addition to their high viscosity indices, excellent oxidation resistance, and excellent demulsibility, these oils have the capacity to easily surpass stage 10 of the FZG test. They are typical oils for circulating lubrication of bearings subjected to very severe services, commonly used in rolling mills. Due to their characteristics, they are also suitable for lubricating industrial gearboxes not subjected to shocks but to medium loads. Despite their EP additives, these oils remain harmless to metals, so they can be used in the lubrication of slow plain bearings with large diameters lubricated by drop, bath, or ring. In their lowest viscosity grade, they are also suitable for ball or roller bearings at medium speeds.

· Good viscosity index.
· Excellent level of extreme pressure.
· Very good antioxidant, anticorrosive, antifoaming, and anti-wear qualities.
· High demulsification power.

ISO 6743/2 – FC
DIN 51517 part III - CLP
DIN 51524 part II - HLP