CHAINLUBE are a high temperature chain oils based on neopolyol esters. They contain an anti-oxidant system that is specifically designed for extreme temperature conditions.
Thanks to the combination of high performance neopolyol esters and anti-oxidant systems deriving from aviation technologies, CHAINLUBE show outstanding performance on high temperature chains as:
ISO 68 up to 280°C. ISO 120 up to 260°C. ISO 220 up to 290°C. ISO 320 up to 290°C.
Combines the benefits of a very low volatility, a high resistance to thermo-degradation and a clean decomposition, resulting in prolonged lifetimes and exceptional cleanliness.
Chainlube are recommended for high temperature applications, like chains for glass mills, cement, chipboard and laminate, plastic film or fiber glass industries.
· Reduced consumption
· Exceptional cleanliness
· Fire safety thanks to high flash point

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