High quality synthetic fluid designed for 6-speed ZF automatic transmissions, installed on board BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover, is also suitable for other OEMs who recommend this type of fluid (eg Audi Quattro).
It has exceptional wear protection for longer, increases transmission life and reduces maintenance costs. Excellent shear stability for long oil life.
The oil drain interval extends up to 150,000 km or three years, even under severe conditions.
Improved reliability of older ZF transmissions.
Excellent friction characteristics.
It counteracts the shudder of a smooth gearshift and improved comfort.
Protection of automatic wear transmissions, pitting corrosion and can help extend component life and maximize return on investment.
It offers exceptional protection, shear stability and friction properties that are designed to be consistent throu- ghout their lifetime, helping to protect transmission components even with extended oil change intervals.

ZF 6HP19/19X/19X-Q7/21/21X/26/26A61/26A61-W12/26X/28/28A61/28AF/28X/32/32A/32X VW G055005 G 055 005
BMW 83220142516 / 83220397114
Jaguar Fluid 8432
Land Rover TYK500050
AML Oil No. 4G4319A509-AA-S