100% SYNTHETIC fluid for the latest generation of transmissions with continuously variable transmission, CVT “autotronic” in Mercedes-Benz cars Class A and Class B.

• Provides outstanding wear protection under the most severe conditions of use and fulfills the highest requirements of CVT transmissions.
• Ensures Stable friction coefficients during the whole time of service, providing high reliability in power transmission and very low friction losses.
• A special additives package ensures better aging stability and an outstanding protection against foaming, essential in CVT transmissions.
• Especially recommended for CVT transmissions “Autotronic” of Mercedes-Benz.


Volkswagen/Audi P/N G-052-180 (-A2)

Volkswagen/Audi P/N G-052-516 A2

Chrysler Mopar CVTF+4, P/N 05191184AA

Ford Motorcraft P/N XT-7 QCFT, Spec WSS-M2C933-A,

Ford MERC C, CVT23, CFT30

Hyundai / Kia (SP-CVT 1)

HONDA CVTF, P/N 08200-9006, HMMF (without start clutch)

Mini P/N 83220136376, EZL 799, Mini EZL 799ª, ZF CVT V1

BMW P/N 832201363676, 83220429154, EZL799, EZL 799A, Punch EZL 799, EZL 799A

Mazda CVTF 3320

Mercedes Benz CVT28, MB 236.20

Mitsubishi Diamond Queen CVTF-J1

NISSAN CVT fluid NS-3, NS-2, NS-1        NISSAN Matic W

Dodge/Jeep NS-2; GM CVTF I-green2

GM DEX-CVT fluid, Saturn P/N 22688912

Subaru Lineartronic, P/N K0425Y0710, e-CVTF, i-CVTF, CV-30
Subaru High Torque CVT oil P/N K0421Y0700

Suzuki CVT fluid Green 1, Green 2     Suzuki NS-2
Suzuki VTF 3320

Toyota CVTF-FE