It is designed with fully synthetic GIII & PAO base oils, high performance and specific additives for automatic transmissions of passenger cars, vans, light commercial vehicles, SUV, etc. When the manufacturer requires an ATF according to the specification of Mercedes Benz 236.14, transmissions MB NAG-2 and Ssang Yong for vehicles with automatic transmissions Mercedes Benz.
• Excellent protection against wear, even under working conditions.
• Excellent viscosity-temperature, even at very low temperatures.
• Viscosity very stable over a long period of kilometres.
• Manufactured with first synthetic base oil quality, additives that improve viscosity index and modifiers of friction for smooth change. Furthermore, the product resists aging and has excellent thermal stability.

MB 236.14
SFU (suitable for use) : MB 236.1/6/7/9/10/12
SSANGYONG (MB-Automatic transmissions)