Loosening, multipurpose antioxidant of red color of generalized use in the protection and unblocking of parts or adhered mechanisms. Quick disintegrant of iron oxide in immobilized parts. For rust, it unblocks and lubricates by capillary infiltration. It provides immediate freedom to parts seized by the destructive and immobilizing action of rust, whose disassembly would mean breakage of those mechanical elements assembled, screwed, etc.

Its composition consists of highly refined paraffinic mineral oils, fatty solvents, surfactants and antioxidant additives.

Pour a few drops of Liquid on the blocked parts and let it act for a few minutes for the subsequent disassembly or start-up of the treated elements.

It is advisable to clean previously with a metallic brush the parts immobilized by rust, especially the areas where the product should penetrate, as well as to give a few dry taps to ensure microscopic fissures of the rusted compact.

Fast descaler of iron oxide on parts, screws, knobs, etc. It also cleans and lubricates by capillary infiltration. It is applicable for all types of industry that require these very effective elements.