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Aceites lubricantes SASH not only manufactures and markets next-generation lubricants, also offers various services to meet the needs of our clients, including:


Technical Support:



It is a priority in our services. We have a team totally prepared, both knowledge and the equipment necessary for the maintenance of our products. This team will study their processes to always recommend the products that best fit their needs.

The creative spirit, deep knowledge of manufacturing techniques and monitoring of market developments are factors that enable Lubricating Oils SASH constantly innovate, explore new raw materials and production processes and develop new products with features and trends future. For SASH, the difference lies in their constant search for new technical challenges with the aim always to improve their performance and technological aspects of all its products.

Therefore, our motto is:   “ LUBRICANTS IN CONSTANT EVOLUTION”


Transport service:


SASH is responsible for managing all the paperwork to ensure the merchandise arrives correctly to YOUR DESTINATION checking and looking for, always, the best transport way with the best service, transit time and cost price for the partner.

We are collaborating with companies with a good international network that facilitate our job.





It develops in our headquarters and goes to all our customers, agents and distributors. Is to train people to take preventive and ongoing maintenance of products. Different departments of SASH Lubricating Oils are composed of dynamic professionals, aware that a rigorous and precise is the only way to meet stringent European quality standards and global markets.





Sales department:


Our sales team is always close to our partners improving service and solving anything they need.







Client brand:


Given the changes in the lubricant industry, SASH has all modern facilities and better team ready to manufacture and package their brand. The customer can have with your brand our wide range of products or any fluid used in their industry.

Our customers are guaranteed white line quality every time because it is an axiom of the company. SASH has the ISO 9001 that ensures the whole process. We should also mention that any technological advancement of a product or designing a new one to inform them that you value the possibility of integrating it into their catalogue.


Aceites Lubricantes Sash handles from design your label to train you and assist you technically in the products you are interested. We also design products that are not in our catalogue to better meet your needs.

Aceites Lubricantes SASH will accept only client brand projects with viability for factory and customer.

All projects will have prior study.

For more information on the client brand do not hesitate to contact us by email or contacting us by phone.

With all these services Aceites lubricantes SASH intends to add value. Aceites lubricantes SASH is all that. A world of values, a team prepared, a host of differences that make the difference.