Automobile & Industrial Lubricants (for learn more about our range visit products).

We produce our own high-quality lubricants thanks to our modern facilities and experience.

Our highly modern filling plant in Europe has a capacity of up to 25.000 tons per year. It can be increased depending on our needs in short time.

Our filling stations are prepared for:


  • Small packages: 1 litre.   2 litres.  1 Gallon.  4 litres.  5 litres.
  • Medium Size: 20 litres.  25 litres.  50 litres.  60 litres.
  • Drums: 200 litres.  204 litres.  208 litres.  210 litres
  • IBC: 1000 litres
  • Bulk: Cistern / Isotank / Flexitank

We have minimum base oil stock of 500tn in our tanks.

We have 7 blenders of 0.5 to 15 m³

We have 1 weighbridge for the loading of tank trucks