We believe the importance of investing in quality and that is why we are constantly investing in new equipment for the lab because it is the heart of any company in lubricants.

Because our attitude, we have a laboratory on the 1st line with extensive testing capabilities. The laboratory features advanced testing equipment, which allows for quick and accurate testing of the products. This equipment is used during the development of new products as well as to check the raw materials and all oil batches. Meticulous tests are part of the quality control program which includes every product during it's production process. Each step in the blending process is monitored with high grade measuring instruments and independent tests.

lab2This provides an excellent quality lubricants and excellent after sales service. The combination of knowledge and experience in the field has allowed SASH to offer products with HIGH performance for any application. All developments in the technological field are followed closely to provide the SASH lubricants with the best and right properties for maximized and safe performance.